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24 de septiembre de 2009 | Noticias de Ética Empresarial

surveyGlobalethics.net está llevando a cabo una encuesta para determinar qué actividades de investigación y docencia se realizan en el ámbito de la ética empresarial. La encuesta pretende ser a nivel mundial.  Podéis encontrar a continuación el mensaje original que hemos recibido, con una más amplia explicación.

Para que la encuesta refleje el peso de la actividad que se realiza en España, animamos a todos los socios a dedicar unos minutos y contestar la encuesta, a través del siguiente link http://www.globethics.net/web/guest/research

Mensaje original:

A global survey of Business Ethics as field of Teaching, Training and Research is currently being conducted that covers all regions of the world. The survey was commissioned by Globethics.net, an international organization based in Geneva.  Globethics.net promotes the participation of all regions of the world in the discourse on Ethics. The project is directed by Prof. Deon Rossouw, Immediate-past President of the International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE), who is the current Programme Executive for Business Ethics at Globethics.net.

The objective of the survey is to provide a global and comparative view on Business Ethics as a field of Teaching, Training and Research. This will be achieved by identifying persons and institutions with expertise in the field of Business Ethics and then determining what they are doing with regard to teaching, training or research in the field of Business Ethics. For the purpose of the survey, we define individual expertise in Business Ethics as: “Persons in the academic environment (1) who spend a substantial amount (25% or more) of their time on Business Ethics Training or Teaching, or (2) who have published research in Business Ethics”. Institutional expertise in Business Ethics is defined as: “Academic, professional and non-profit (but not commercial) associations/institutions with an explicit focus on Teaching, Training or Research in Business Ethics“.

The survey will provide insight into how Business Ethics has taken root as field of Teaching, Training and Research across the world. The findings of the survey will make it possible to identify and compare unique country and regional features of Business Ethics. It will stimulate reflection on the development and maturity of Business Ethics as field of Teaching, Training and Research on a global scale.

Given your involvement in Business Ethics, we would appreciate if you could participate in this survey.  The survey questionnaire can be completed online at: http://www.globethics.net/web/guest/research. Alternatively we can provide you with the survey questionnaire in Word format or in hard copy. We would appreciate if you could complete the questionnaire by October 1st.

By participating in the survey you will assist us in compiling the First Global Report on Business Ethics as field of Teaching, Training and Research. Your participation in the survey will ensure that your contact detail is included in our Global Directory of Individual and Institutional Expertise in Business Ethics. It will furthermore assist us in including your publications in our Global Bibliography of Business Ethics.

With kind regards,
Deon Rossouw

Prof. G J (Deon) Rossouw
Programme Executive: Business Ethics
150, route de Ferney
CH-1211 Geneva 2
E-mail: rossouw@globethics.net

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